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September 10, 2011
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Wendel School's Out Bio by Shadow-People Wendel School's Out Bio by Shadow-People

Edit: I finally came up with a 'button' of sorts to put on Kalli's box. It's Complicated is putting it very lightly. More like its a huge wreck of a mess.

as mentioned in his previous bio, unless otherwise stated or discussed elsewhere, no more friend's requests for Wendel.

As mentioned before, there is a separate profile for School's Out. There is some updated info on Wendel and a new friend listed. It was supposed to be all new friends listed, buuuuut I was too lazy to go look for them lol.

Whelp. Cats out of the bag now. Wendel made a choice. And maybe two people are surprised. If that many. I should put a 'It's complicated' circle on Kalli XD though that may confuse people more.

Wendel and Wednesday are mine.
Chara and Issac are :iconjadejeebie:'s
Kalligeneia and Jin are :iconmisskimberlychaotic:'s
Esa is :iconsiedlce:'s

Wednesday is getting a second bio too.
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xoxoZanna Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Raw kelpie cubes. With diced green pepers. Oh and spicy blood sauce."

I wonder what they taste like.
i thin k woden l cud use a new bio UuU*
kelpie cubes? Excuse me, but kelpies are monsters too, so isn't that inappropiate?
And maybe someona has a kelpie OC.
Shadow-People Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No, not really. He eats monster, human, and animal alike. It's what he does.
OK, but is it really ok to serve monsters for food in a world where monsters are the people?
And he really eats humans?
Shadow-People Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes it is and yes he does. Monsters are still monster but they also have humans in that world too. It's what he does, as I have said. Not all monsters have to go by the MH standard of doing the opposite of what their monster parents do, like Draculaura not drinking blood, werewolves not tearing people to shreds on fullmoons, sea creatures not drowning people. It all gets a little boring. But if you don't like it, I guess thems the breaks.
you spelt peppers wrong just ta let you know
Shadow-People Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
How about that. However, I dont have the original file anymore, so it may just have to stay that way.
alrighty x3
i was quite wondering what this is rlly about and is it some cartoon or a book or something?? and somehow it looks like monster high!!!!! and im rlly interested in the characters so any idea what this exacly is?? :)
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