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I've been drawing since elementary school and I'm always looking for something new to draw or make. I just like working with my hands and seeing the things in my mind come to life.

Announcement (semi important)

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 25, 2014, 10:55 AM

I'll be moving soon. Because I have to not because I want to.

This effects a few things.

Commissions: I was already slow with things because I am just slow on top of having to always be looking for work because otherwise it's fraud and that I had to take on more commission to afford to even get by here even WITH help. So, those will be a bit slower while I pack up and try to get things ready. As well as unpacking whenever I actually GET somewhere. I am not 100% positive on where I will end up. Just that it is 1 of 2 places.

Shop orders: My shop (if anyone noticed) is closed at the moment. I cannot take on more orders at this time. I have waaaay too many to catch up on and once again, I realized that I am undercharging. I wanted to be cheaper than other options to bring in business, but as it turns out that means I am getting paid way less. Even with the increase I made for costs about two or three months ago wasn't enough. An example. My highest price point for plushies is $120 for a minky plush. My most recent order for a minky plush requested a mix of minky AND fleece (which is a cheaper alternative) for the plush and after buying all the materials to actually MAKE the plushie I was left with $40 of which I still have to deduct shipping costs from leaving me with $30 for payment to myself and any other problems that may come up. As you can see, $30 is not alot for the work that goes into it. So I will have to re-think prices. The same goes for MH dolls. I charge too little for them. The same thing happens. And just today I had to pay $20 for shipping overseas at the cheapest the postal worker could get it. So I will be rethinking prices before the shop opens.

Communication: I am not sure how long I will have internet access and when it goes out, I don't know when I'll get it back. It shouldn't be TOO long, probably a few days at most if it does go out. Maybe even as little as a day. I am not positive, but I felt I should still mention it. If you have a commission from me in queue, do not worry. Just because I am moving doesn't mean I am abandoning anything. Fabrics and commission materials are the first thing I am making sure get's transferred over. So if you're messaging me and I don't get back to right away, I am just a little busy and will get back to you asap.

Entertainment/Recreation: I have gotten this before the last time I was in a 'need to move' situation. BUT, just because you see me playing a game or posting that I went out with friends doesn't mean I am not busy or that I am not working. Sometimes you really need to have time to relax in a stressful situation or you'll just blow up. I do hope you understand.

That being said, I should be around for another week or so before the move takes place. Just a heads up.

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